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Här har ni en liten sneak peek, resten får ni fantisera själva ;) Om ni inte fuskar å kollar diamanten :* Ni har väl gjort er plikt å röstat idag också?! Vilket parti fick din röst? Åh nej förlåt, jag glömde att de är något man aldrig frågar en svensk om. Politik kan ju vara väldigt personligt och intimt.. Men de är helt okej att lägga ut sig själv här, de kommer ju inte ens i närheten av att berätta vad man röstar på x) #bigboobs #schoolgirl #costume #tabu #sb

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22.00-06.00 #schoolgirl #roleplay

I feel like Winnie the Pooh tapping his forehead saying to himself... Think, think, think.... 😄🤓 I've been sitting in this same spot for 3h now studying about cooling systems, fuel injection systems, oiling, spark plugs,.... I think my brain is turning in to an engine 😆😆 tomorrow morning I'm having my final exam of this semester so got to study and better do it well... 😅 wish me good luck ✌🏻️

#exam #study #engines #newhair #btw #schoolgirl

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Hey y'all 👋🏻
Hows your day been? My day has been mostly about waiting around 😄 i started my day with ignorin my alarmclock and sleeping overtime... That sucks cos I hate to be in a hury and been late 😓 the most annoying thing about been late from my school is that im not even missing anything important and im still getting marked as an absentee 😫 well i missed 2hours of morning classes and tryed to catch on everything in the 6 remaining.... Of course that didn't go as planed cos i got my self a job to remove and take to pieces a front wheel drives half shaft... And thats not an easy task in a Toyota yaris... Wanna know why? Well its not made to be taken to pieces... When it brakes its planed to be removed and changed to a new one.... (This is a good example of things i hate about The present time... Insted of giving people a change to do things there selfs. The money greed has become so endless and bold even cars are made to last, not for a life time like back in the good days, but just till something little bigger brakes. Car parts are not repaired they are just changed to a new one. And even that has made unposible without every car marks own info and tools.... People are getting sooooo helpless that its scary) 😩😤😩 so for the rest of my school day i waited for the teachers to figure out a olan to do my task 😂 and no we didn't figure it out yet... So 6 hours of my life waisted on been in school and learning nothing 😆 fingers crossed tommorow will bring something fun and new to my way 💖😄

#schoolgirl #mechanic #driveshaft #shockabsorber #study #scool #workhard #lifeiswhathappens

Good news to all of you guys that are annoyed by my writing errors... Here i am siting in an English clas trying to learn all the car parts in English... Not that easy when you dont even know them all in Finnish 😂😂👌🏻 wich me luck ✨✨

#schoolgirl #studyhard #english #doupleoverheadcamshaft

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