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Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl Emelie Ekdahl

Startsidan | 2013.05.02 | 10 images | VIDEO

Emelie Ekdahl

Hi Emelie! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
- I am a happy and positive girl who likes to hang out with my friends and go shopping. I'm very interested in beauty and fashion and therefore I have chosen to work as a stylist and developed my own hair brand.

You've really got the perfect body, how do you keep yourself in shape?
- Thank you. I try to exercise at the gym 4 times a week. And I don’t smoke and drink very often.

Who do you look up to?
- I have no special person, but I look up to people who dare to do and focus on what they want and be successful at it.

If you could sleep with any celebrity you want, who would it be and why?
- Probably Brad Pitt because he's really good looking and a good actor. It would have been fun to get a text message from Angelina that said "Stay away from my Brad."

If you were stranded on a desert island and only could bring three things, what would you bring?
- Water, sunscreen and a cell phone.

Do you have any sexual fantasy that you would like to try?
- There are a few, since I have only had sex with one person, a threesome would be something to experience.

Can you describe your absolute dream guy?
- He should be kind, romantic and sure of himself. He should like to take care of himself and cook good food. The most important thing above all is that we can have fun together.

What turns you on the most in bed?
- I really like to satisfy the guy and seduce him until he can’t take anymore, I like to dominate in the beginning.

What is the biggest turn off for you?
- If he’s unhygienic or has bad breath.

Tell us your idea of a perfect date
- The perfect date is not so much what we do, even though I like when a guy takes care of me. The most important thing is that we have fun together. A picnic by the water with a bottle of champagne would be really nice.

Romantic sex vs. Wild sex = Wild sex
Ass vs. Tits = Tits
Give oral sex vs. Receive oral sex = Give oral sex
Porn movie vs. Erotic novel = Porn movie
Sex with the lights on vs. Lights off = Lights on


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