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Elisa Pedersen

My name is Elisa Pedersen, I am 19 years old, and live in Copenhagen. I am a model,eventmodel and bartender. If you want to book me, write a private message to my email Please do not send nude Pictures to me! www.facebook/elisalangepedersen or www.instagram/elisapedersen

Monday 4 November 2013, 10:49

Morning everybody, i have some vip stuff for you guys, but first i wanted to tell you about this great thing, i have ordered time to a konsulation so i can get my boobs bigger, the clinic is in Litauen and is called luxuxkirugi or on facebook i have time the 16th of november, so i really want to hear how much they can put in i hope for 1000 cc at least. write to if you want to donate, only serious inquiries. kisses from Elisa ;)
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