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Scandalbeauties | 2016.04.07 | 9 images

Denise Fagerberg

You are one of Scandalbeauties biggest stars of all time, please tell us what's happened in your life lately. We heard some rumors about a fantastic trip?
- It feels insane that I'm now one of the biggest of all time! I remember when I started on Scandalbeauties a couple of years ago and I felt so small compared to the other girls that were popular. I have become more popular all the time and now I have good confidence in myself. The beginning of this year I have moved into my own appartment about a month ago, it feels so good! Made more money, traveled to the Dominican Republic, booked another trip to Mexico this autumn and turned 22! Doesn't feel that good to get older, but that's something you have to deal with haha.

You will be on tour with Scandalbeauties in both Sweden and Europe this summer. Which city would you like to go to and why?
- Yes I'm looking forward to it! I love sun, swiming and warmer places but I've never been to Ibiza so I'd like to go there. Paris and Milan seems nice too. In Sweden, Tylösand, Sthml and of course the best city Göteborg are my favourites.

We know there are many people who dream about meeting you and even go on a date with you. How does one make a move on you the right way?
- It was a long time ago I was on a date because I prioritize other things instead. I focus a lot on my carreer than date a lot of me. If I were interested then I just want that person. What works best on me is a charming, humourous man that dares to make a joke every now and then and doesn't take everything so serious. I love gentlemen who knows what a woman wants and he must have plans for the future! I have humor so if he's boring he's absolutely nothing for me.

Who is Sweden's hottest celebrity?
- Haha I don't really know.. I don't think Sweden have that many good looking celebrities, but if I had to chose one i'd say Samir Badran. I already have a crush on Stephen James but he's not Swedish unfortunately..

What is your favourite position?
- Haha doggy style without a doubt.

What is the most common question people ask you about your super large boobs and what do you usually answer them?
- I get an insane amount of questions about my boobs every day. I can even write a book about it some day. The most common ones are if I'm having back pain, which size bra I have and why they are so big. So why are they? Probably because I want it and think it's sexy. I have stopped answering all these questions because it would take too much of my time.

We know you spend a lot of time at the gym. Can you tell us what usually happens when you enter the room? Can the guys focus on their weights?
- I have been going to the same gym almost 2 years now and those who go there are used to seing me but when I go to a new gym for example they do look a second time! When I go to the gym Iäm always so focused at what I'm doing so I don't look around if someone is staring.. haha!

Lastly, what would you like to say to all of your fans?
- You are simply amazing and I'm so happy that you like to follow me on by blog and never stop doing that!! Lots of kisses!


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